There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.

Of concrete commitment.
And when we talk about concrete commitment, we really want to tell you how we got involved in trying to do our part for an environment that, today more than ever, needs virtuous approaches from everyone.

step by step

Redesigning the production processes was the first step towards the requalification of the raw materials used so far and corresponded to the overall reduction of 30% in the use of plastic. This is a first step, continuously kept up to date towards a more sustainable future.
Stay with us, we will keep you updated.


A company, its beating heart and its thinking mind, obviously need energy.
The best possible, of course.
For this, we have equipped ourselves with a photovoltaic system that powers our production processes by currently providing 65% of the necessary energy, and which will see the completion of a design process that will bring total energy independence.
This process will allow us to return the energy consumed to the environment, producing a less impacting and cleaner type.
A new energy, and available again.

dirty laundry

It is true that you don’t air dirty laundry in public.
This is why we have made available to all our personnel a rapid collection and disposal service for WEEE and exhausted batteries, correctly disposed of.
Because any change must start within ourselves. And in those around us.

on paper
and in reality

Of course, when we talk about recycled paper, we cannot trust words only, but concrete data must guarantee and support the raw material and that of our “good intentions”.
This is why all our paper supports are printed on Recytal Polyedra recycled paper, certified and produced from recycled and completely recyclable paper or on similar supports certified to be recyclable and come from recycled sources.

recycled cardboard

This is why this fantastic support has become the main protagonist of most of our packaging, produced from recycled and 100% recyclable paper, allowing us to considerably limit the use of plastic materials, in favour of the natural disposal cycle.

compostable blister

Our blisters, “smart” packaging par excellence, are now produced in PLA, the “non-plastic” plastic, of vegetable origin and entirely compostable.

no plastic, please

Sometimes you make a virtue out of necessity, and sometimes a style choice can be dictated not only by a need, but also and above all by an opportunity; it is in this way that in order to continue on the same path we have taken, we have eliminated any type of plastic coating of the packaging and paper supports, to favour, of course, their complete recyclability.

MP one,
by nature

In addition to being an absolute innovation in the field of two-components,
MP One keeps an eye on the greatest sustainability possible, starting with silicone gel as one of the most eco-friendly fillers available, to get to the elimination of the double bottle, carafe and the plastic spoon, uniting everything in a single container, assembled in a package made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable.
MP One, the first and only, from all points of view.

bio natural

Attention to detail, to every little detail, is part of the change necessary to trace new paths, including that of eco-sustainability. This is how our attention was directed even towards packaging materials and this is how today in Etelec the so-called “packaging chips”, usually in virgin polystyrene, are in flo-pack, a material based on corn starch, water and air, completely soluble in water.

less is more

Automatic packaging lines allow our products to be organised, right up to the final shipping packaging, respecting the maximum optimisation of the relative dimensions; this has allowed an appreciable reduction in the volumes of cargo necessary for their transport and a consequent reduction in the environmental impact of the transport itself.
More goods in the same loading space, less transport.
Less transport, less emission of exhaust gases into the environment.
Something less, much more.

at the roots of sustainability

Together with Treedom, with the “Adopt a tree” operation, we have decided to concretely plant the new roots of a new eco-sustainability and to allow our partners and customers to help us do so.
In Guatemala, Haiti, Ecuador, Kenya and Tanzania there will be a fruit tree with our and your name, which can be cared for and followed at a distance until the Etelec Forest develops.
A fundamental purpose with which to grow, together with business, new vital realities.

The grass is always greener on the other side

Since measuring oneself also and first of all with one’s closest needs, is necessary to think big, we have adopted an urban green space near our headquarters, redeveloping it and equipping it with new benches and an internal small traffic network to allow small and pleasant walks.
We take care weekly with this area which, after years of neglect and decay, is now liveable and usable again.

And, speaking of small dreams that come true, for us, respect and love for nature are concepts that start from afar, even from the first steps, right from the garden that has adorned and adorns the heart of our production site, between the offices, the production area and the warehouses and which we are pleased to share with you.