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MPGel Plus


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Fast cross-linking two-component silicone gel

MPgel plus is a re-enterable two-component silicone gel for insulated filling and sealing of casings and junction boxes housing electrical connections of up to 1 kV or electronic components, suitable for a wide range of applications.


The two components are supplied in separate containers, thus ensuring the correct 1:1 mixing ratio.
MPgel plus may be partially used as needed, and reused even after the pack has been opened, providing maximum yield.

Rapid cross-linking

MPgel plus has an extremely short cross-linking time, allowing rapid installation and reducing delays before activation.

Fast and accurate mixing

The measuring jug provided with the 1 and 10-liter size ensures accurate mixing and prevents waste.
MPgel 100 is supplied with a new 1 liter jug, which allows to mix the entire contents of the bottles in one go, making installation even faster. The bag, on the other hand, has a special Perforation Pouring System (PPS) which allows the operator to avoid contact with the gel when opening it. The nozzle has a toothed cylindrical end that fits securely into a ring inside the bag and punctures it, allowing the gel to flow evenly without accidental spills.

Low viscosity

Its low viscosity makes MPgel plus easy to pour and also ensures fast and safe filling of the containers and gaps.

Re-enterable and removable

Once cross-linked, MPgel plus can easily be removed without the need for tools even after long periods of time.


MPgel plus is non-toxic, non-irritating, odourless, and solvent-free, and is classified as non-hazardous under European Regulation no. 1272/2008 (CLP).

High performance

High dielectric strength (25.5 kV/mm). Wide range of operating temperatures (-60 to 200° C). MPgel plus is resistant to UV rays and so can also be used outdoors and exposed to the elements.


MPgel plus is available in bags with removable baffle, in bottles of different sizes, and in jerrycans, for efficient use whatever the quantity of product required.

Available size

Bottles in 2 sizes
Bags in 4 sizes


  • Very fast cross-linking: Cross-linking time: 12 min at 23° C
  • Dielectric strength: 25.5 kV/mm
  • Mixing ratio 1:1
  • Working time at 23° C: 5 min
  • Operating temperature: -60 to 200° C
  • Colour: pale blue
  • Classified as non-hazardous according to European Regulation no. 1272/2008 (CLP)
  • No waste thanks to PPS
  • Suitable when a limited amount of product is needed


  • Filling junction boxes
  • Insulation of 0.6/1 kV electrical connections
  • Insulation of electronic boards and components


  • Non-toxic
  • Re-enterable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy pouring
  • Very fast cross-linking
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Protection from elements (rain, moisture), dust, animals, insects, leaves
  • No expiry date
  • Reusable after opening
  • Available in 7 sizes

Kit contents

  • Bags with removable baffle
  • Perforation Pouring System (PPS)