SHELL BOX – flatseries

IPX8 gel-insulated connecting devices with
Wago compact splicing connectors
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  • Connection, insulation and protection of small cross-section cables, also in presence of water (lighting equipments, door, window and gate automation, telephone and telecommunication systems, audio systems)
  • Wiring junction boxes on ceilings or outdoors
  • Terminal insulation of live cables

Key features

  • Extra-compact dimensions, suitable for installation in very narrow spaces
  • Complete protection from water, dust, debris and weathering
  • Flexible and breakable walls: adaptable to cables and ensure the gel leakage only where necessary to ensure the sealing of the connection
  • Work on each conductor individually
  • Quick and reliable installation with no special tools required
  • Handy packaging in blisters
  • 3 sizes e 5 versions to reach the maximum versatility

Kit contents

  • Rigid plastic polymer shell with snap closure, co-molded with integrated seals and flexible bulkheads and pre-filled with silicone gel
  • Wago 221 compact splicing connectors

3 sizes  and 5 versions