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Heat shrink terminations MV - TTMT


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TTMT – Heat shrink terminations for Medium Voltage

A Medium Voltage (MV) single-core or three-core cable termination with operating voltage up to 36 kV allows connection to switches, circuit breakers and transformers for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It consists of:

  • terminal for the connection of the conductor;
  • insulating sheat to control the electric field;
  • outer coating sheath with non-marking function;
  • copper braid to ground the shield.

TTMT kits include:

  • internal heat shrink high performance sheath (black), to control the electric field, made with special material with defined characteristic impedance able to distribute the electric field in the vicinity of the interruption of the semiconductive layer of the cable;
  • red outer heat shrink sheath with exceptional anti-marking characteristics and erosion, ageing and moisture
  • hot melt sealing tape to fill empty spaces, control the electric field and protect metallic elements against moisture;
  • heat shrink insulation sheds to elongate the flight line, for outdoor applications or in polluted environments.

TTMT kits, in version for both indoor and outdoor use, are available fin kits of three terminals for the installation of single core cables, and in complete kits with cable break-out for installation on three core cables up to 36 kV.


  • Ability to cover a wide range of sections with a single product
  • No need for special tools
  • Reliability for installation in harsh environment
  • Small footprint
  • Reduced cost of storage
  • No expiry date


The choice of the suitable joint should be made accorging to:

  • type of application, for example indoor or outdoor;
  • type of cable to be terminated, identified by its markings
  • degree of insulation of the cables;
  • cable section.


TTMT kits comply with all national (CEI), European and international (IEC and IEEE) requirements.