Save the Children


Because it is our style, our quality and your expectation.

And we do it together, both those who plan the future and those who choose it through our products.

And it is also thanks to this positive relationship that today we have been able to choose to do something that tangibly projects us into the future, especially in the difficult and complex one of the smallest and most fragile persons.

Therefore, also thanks to your loyalty and perseverance, together with Save The Children, we were able to dedicate resources to a project, thanks to our REWRITE THE FUTURE Campaign, to materially help Italian children to get out of educational poverty, distributing material aid, tablets, free connections and providing study aids to the most vulnerable.

Because we are convinced that education is the key to their development and to the growth, even productive, of our country.

Because we are convinced that doing things right means rewriting a plausible and sustainable future where opportunities and talents can be set free.

And because we are convinced that it can be done together, thanks to Save the Children, to other organisations and thanks to you.