EVO - The Power Line

The new series of IP68 gel-insulated joints and connection devices.

A three-hundred-and-sixty-degree innovative product, an idea that transforms a well-established concept into an absolute novelty, which has the virtue of ensuring safety, performance, speed and ease of use

Seven sizes and nine versions, all equipped with mechanical or spring clamped connectors and terminal blocks.

The new EVO range

Nine models to exalt characteristics of simplicity and reliability, with a glance at the experiences of the past and one projected to the innovations of an entirely new future.

EVO, the new Etelec range to meet every need.

EVO Joints

Gel-insulated joints in the EVO range enable in-line and branch joints with IP68 protection rating on a wide range of in-line energy cables up to 5 × 16 mm2 and branch joints up to 3 × 4 mm2.

Ease and speed of installation, long-term reliability and environmental friendliness distinguish EVO joints in the tradition of Etelec gel prefilled joints.

EVO 02D and EVO 03D models can be fixed to the wall.

EVO Devices

Gel-insulated connection devices in the EVO range can be used on the types and cross-sections of cable most widely used in electrical installations and wiring, to make in-line and branch connections up to 3 × 2.5 mm2

The EVO 01D model is wall-fixable.

Maximum protection

The unprecedented and patented flexible cable housing bulkheads adapt to different cable diameters and, in combination with the insulating characteristics of the gel, have enabled it to be certified at an independent laboratory to be IP68 rated.

No condensation

The gel prevents capillary rise of moisture in cables and the formation of condensation inside equipment.

New bulkheads

The new inclined and curved design of the fracturable bulkheads allows for even faster and more foolproof installation.

Warranty seal

New attachment system, which prevents the shell from being reopened except by the use of a tool, without the need for clamps or other similar systems.

To each his own

Six in-line and three shunt models, with screw or spring-loaded terminal blocks, certified by Bureau Veritas, for faster and easier installation.

Simply fast

The new spring-loaded connectors do not require the use of tools, thus simplifying installation and reducing installation time, and ensuring that the correct clamping force is applied to even small conductors.

the baby of the family

The smallest connection device in the range. The dedicated solution conceived and designed for small cable cross-sections and tight installation spaces. EVO PX: only 68 mm long and 24 mm in diameter, little more than a pixel!

Logical Echo

Cartons made of 100% recyclable cardboard , as well as blisters, "smart" packaging par excellence, made of PLA, the "non-plastic plastic," ofplant origin and entirely compostable, for plastic-free packaging that speaks of the future by making it more sustainable and that encapsulates a future that is already the present.

Dedicated solutions

Specifically designed for applications using small cables.